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Exodus 3:1-6 !

To burn with the fire of God but not be burnt up.  That is the code of Burning Bush Creation. Just as Moses attention was drawn by the burning bush at Sinai, so we aim to draw people’s attention with our “Burning Bush” of creation.

Burning Bush Creation is a non-profit that is a subsidiary of Youth Resources.  BBC specializes in creation of original “Out of The Box” media, through illustration, publication and graphics.

We take on commissions, as well as produce our own original material. Whether it’s a book, pamphlet, curriculum, or something completely different, burning bush creation creates products that are unlike the rest.

Our first book is "His Story" created by an 18 year old young man - It's this book that is responsible for the creation of Burning Bush.

Take a tour of our books and work and we think you will say WOW!!!

His Story LaGran Historia  


"The Promise"    



We will be running a Christmas Special until November 27th We will be discounting all orders of the Promise at 60% with all orders over $100

Shoe Box
Normal price $10.00
Discount price $4.00

Hard Cover
Normal price $20.00
Discount price $8.00


This is a special Magazine edition

We are doing a special run of 10,000 books of ‘His Story’ for the Salvation Army in Minnesota in an 8.5x11 magazine format.

·       The retail price will be $3.00 for 1-33 copies,
·       $1.50 with a 50% discount for 67- 665 Copies, and
·       $0.99 for 1,011 Copies and up.

Please Call to order this



This is an English  and Chichewa -
This book should be less than $1.00 each in large amounts


"Amazing Answers"

Help us take 100,000 of these to Jamaica

Help us impact Jamaica with the Gospel! 200 teams will reach 250,000 people (133,000 students, 80,000 at Jamaicafest, thousands in the streets & in the prisons). Help us impact Jamaica with the Gospel!


Other commissioned Work and clients    
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& Midland Division
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